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Our standards are high, yours should be too.

There are too many scary stories about Botched Microblading and SMP. Finding the right artist means more than just a Certification. Your safety, as well as the community’s safety, is our number one priority. This is why we took the extra step to ensure that all health codes are met and our qualifications are above what is required by the State of Massachusetts.

  • Licensed Body Art Practitioner
  • Certified Microblading Artists
  • Blood Borne Pathogen Certified
  • Adult CPR Certified
  • First Aid Certified
  • Fully Insured
  • Two years of Advance Nursing Courses
  • Diamond Certified Trainer of American Academy of Micropigmentation
  • Permit for Body Art Establishment passed inspection by the Board of Health
  • All documents available upon request
Sokkha Va

Sokkha Va

Sokkha is the founder, trainer, and master artist here at Brow Lady Microblading. She started tattooing eyebrows in 2018 but has been shaping & threading brows since 2014. She graduated with a business degree in 2016 and is an entrepreneur at heart. Sokkha continues her education by receiving training twice a year for the past 4 years.

On her free time, you can find her collecting crystals, listening to the Near Death Experiences and Crime Junkie podcasts. If you are stuck with her for an entire day, you’ll hear her talk about the spiritual world, sharing her ghost stories, lucid dreams, and unexplainable experiences.

Sokkha isn’t the best at baking because it requires exact measurements but she makes up for it by being a great cook following recipes found on YouTube and Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook. She lives at home with her husband Bik Shrestha, their two children Khaiia + Beau,  and their Goldendoodle named Maui after the movie Moana.

Bik Shrestha

Bik Shrestha

Bik is the Co-founder of Brow Lady Microblading Studio who specializes in SMP. His number one goal is to change peoples lives by giving back their confidence. Having supported the Brow Lady since the very beginning, Bik was inspired by the change it can bring to people’s lives. He has first handedly seen people’s transformation, regaining their confidence and countless thank you messages which made him decide to bring the same kind of impact on people’s lives. He has 10+ years of experience in the QA world which makes him detail oriented and is able to see things that normal people might miss at first glance. 

Bik & Sokkha are happily married with two little ones. On his days off, he pretends to be a gorilla and chases the kids around or is a canvas on days when his daughter Khaiia decides to be a makeup artist.

Bik is a big foodie and loves trying new food from all around the world. He also loves soccer and is a big fan of Manchester United. He also loves the Stock market and the crypto world, so don’t be surprised if you walk out of his session with a couple of investment ideas.

Browlady Sophina

Sophina Clough

Sophina is an artist here at Brow Lady. She started her PMU journey at the beginning of 2019, but took a break due to the pandemic. After being in the car business for over a year, she has finally completed her apprenticeship with Sokkha in 2022. Sophina is dedicated to helping people achieve their brow goals and wants everyone to feel like the best version of themselves.

She enjoys being a homebody most days but is always up for an adventure any day of the week. She loves noodles, sushi, ice cream and boba tea. If you cant reach her, she is most likely napping as sleep is her love language. Sophina loves a good laugh, so don’t be afraid to let a funny joke slip out during your appointment.


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